Titanium Mesh Seawater

Industrial pure titanium in a mile (1.6km) deep ocean parked for many years, did not produce any corrosion, although the titanium surface deposition of a layer of marine attachments, but no fog and crack corrosion. Titanium has special stability both at rest and in high-speed flowing seawater, and copper alloy or aluminum alloy at a flow rate of 36.6 m / s, the corrosion rate will be very fast, so titanium is considered today One of the best corrosion resistant materials used in seawater.

1. Desalination works

Titanium mesh in the sea with excellent corrosion resistance, soaked in seawater for 5 years without corrosion, steel in the sea will be corrosion deterioration. Sea water can not corrode it so titanium mesh is used to make desalination project in the titanium mesh filter, the design life of more than 20 years.

2. Mariculture
It is titanium net excellent corrosion resistance in seawater Titanium net production of marine aquaculture tank long life, from frequent replacement, by the mariculture enterprises warmly welcome.
3. Chlor-alkali Engineering – Membrane Distance Ion Membrane Electrolytic Cell

Speaking of titanium mesh in the application of seawater Why is it related to the chlor-alkali industry electrolytic tank? We know that the largest threat to the metal in seawater is undoubtedly the chloride ion, and electrolysis tank working principle is electrolytic sodium chloride aqueous solution to produce sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride aqueous solution of chloride content is very high, this time titanium mesh electrolytic cell Titanium mesh anode can just take this responsibility and was a large number of applications.