Candle filters

Candle filters are come in different size and different shape. The candle filters offer the low pressure drop, the large filtration area, easy assembly and disassembly and the lower filter capital cost.

Our OEM provides both types of candle filter in a wide range of sizes, element designs, filtration efficiencies and in various types of porous metal filter media to satisfy every demand.


  • Low capital cost.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Wide range of filtration efficiencies (3µm – 150µm).
  • High holding capacity.
  • Large filtration area.
  • Long on-stream life.


Most of the standards size are available. And also we are ready to supply various type of filter to meet every application where high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, heat resistance and excellent durability are required.

Applications :

Candle filters use in oil, water, gas, air, chemical filtration. Meantime this kind of filter is also used in different industries, for instance automobile industry, oil industry, chemical industry, water treatment plant, food industry, and pharmaceutical industry.