Custom Stainless Steel Hydraulic Filter

Parallel oil filter is composed of several filters from small to large in parallel with the composition, with a small size, large filter area, easy disassembly, easy cleaning and other characteristics for large flow hydraulic lubrication system.

Accuracy: 5-400μm
Flow: 150-5000L / min
Size: Manufactured by user

Type of Custom stainless steel hydraulic filter:

1. Replace the oil filter

In the hydraulic system, used to filter the working medium of solid particles and colloidal substances, effective control of the working medium pollution.

2. Hydraulic oil filter

Industrial oil such as hydraulic oil. Transformer oil. Turbine oil. Refrigeration oil. Lubricant oil. In the course of the use of various reasons will be mixed into some impurities, the main impurities are mechanical impurities. Water and air, these impurities Will cause corrosion to accelerate, increase the mechanical wear and tear, reduce the efficiency of the oil to reduce the deterioration of equipment life, serious oil will cause clogging caused by production accidents.

3. Lubricant filter

Not only can the system quickly reach and maintain the desired level of oil cleaning and reduce bearing wear to extend the service life of the oil.

4. High pressure oil filter