Titanium Mesh

Material common ground:
White titanium mesh and black titanium mesh are made of pure titanium wire, titanium wire material grades commonly used TA1, which has a high elongation, high titanium content, high mechanical strength easy to process and so on.

Process common ground:
Processing methods, machinery exactly the same – are plain weave hole weaving, from the raw material wire diameter, material, elongation, tensile strength test methods and testing equipment are consistent. Are used shuttleless woven mesh machining production. Warping weaving, mesh leveling, laser cutting process the same.
Packaging common ground:
Using the same packaging – within the packaging using bubble pad waterproof, packaging with glued wooden box packaging, anti-extrusion, collision.
The only difference
The only difference is the surface – the white surface without any impurities, the black surface has a layer of drawing graphite milk.