Filters and Strainers


Wedge wire screen baskets are one of our best-selling filtration products. Because of their functionality and versatility, wedge wire screen baskets are serviceable in various projects. However, it is better to have an insight into the product before buying it. Here is the detailed analysis of wedge wire screen basket and all the queries that [...]

2-30mm Metal Mesh Filter

 types of  metal mesh filter Product Name: small Metal filter Other names: mesh filter disc, dust filter, etc. Uses: oil removal impurities, dust separation, oil and gas separation, water filtration, etc. Shape: disc, bowl, hat, straight, tube etc. Covering: metal plate edge, rubber edging, etc. Size: diameter 2mm-500mm can be customized Mesh: 10mesh-200 mesh (other meshes can be [...]

Stainless Ssteel Envelope Mesh Filter

Stainless steel envelope mesh filter Product Name: Stainless steel envelope mesh filter丨OEM filter bags丨DEZE Filter bag material: stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, titanium and other material can be customized Length of filter bags: Custom length Diameter: 5-600 mm Want to consult with our sales about more products and stocked products? [...]

Copper Edge Filter Disc

copper edge filter disc Product Name: customize copper edge filter disc  Edge material: stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy Optional frame: edging, injection molding, edge rolling, weld edge Filter layer material: stainless steel woven mesh, copper mesh, other materials, mesh, sintered mesh, punched mesh, steel stretched mesh, etc. Diameter: 5-600 mm Want to consult with our [...]

Titanium Wedge Wire Filters

Titanium Wedge Wire Filters---- Sea Water Self-Cleaning Filters   More and more titanium-based filters are used in chemical solution filtration, pharmaceutical filtration, desalination and other fields. Titanium mesh filter has excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance, especially in seawater filter. The design life of titanium mesh filter is generally more than 30 years. The corrosion [...]

Spray Gun Filter/Spray Pump Filter

Spray Gun Filter/Spray Pump Filter Material: Stainless steel Color: green black red blue white yellow Types: Airless Pencil Filter - Push In Airless Sprayer Pencil Filter - Screw In Airless Easy Out Filter Airless Pump Manifold Filter Airless Pump Inlet Filter Aircoat Cage Compatible Filter Advantages: Gun filters helps removes debris from the coating [...]

Replacement Strainer Baskets/ OEM Strainer Baskets

Replacement Strainer Baskets/ OEM Strainer Baskets Deze offer replacement strainer baskets & OEM strainer baskets specail for you. Simplex strainer basket, Duplex strainer basket, heavy duty strainer basket both of under our supply line. You also can find more from us for Pleated strainer baskets & Wedge wire filter baskets. [...]