Chain Driven Conveyor Belt

Chain Driven Conveyor Belt


Chain Driven Conveyor Belt should be considered whenever timing, transfer, and/or positive belt drive are important … in cases such as travel-up inclines, under heavy loads, for long distances, through quenching liquids, cooking oils or other slippery conditions.

Chain Driven Conveyor Belt are also the only belts that are self supporting. They can provide efficient operation in applications where friction-driven belts would not be desirable. Any mesh can be used in a chain-driven construction, but the selection is made on the basis of what is needed to support the product.

Balanced weave should be given first consideration, as it is economical and appropriate for most conditions. Deze Wire weave provides a closer mesh, while a Duplex weave is a close mesh that also provides strength and a straight through opening. A conventional weave provides unobstructed openings.

Chain Selection
Chain is normally selected according to the strength and speed required. The most frequently used types of Chain-driven conveyors belts are roller chain, employed for most room-to-medium temperature applications, and pintle chain which is recommended for heavier loads and higher temperatures.

Due to the important and specialized nature of the applications requiring these products, each inquiry is reviewed thoroughly. Our goal is to supply the most suitable belt for your specific application. We strive to provide solutions for each situation, assuring value for our customers. Our engineers and technical support group are involved in every specialty belt inquiry and order.

  1. Balanced Weave with standard roller chain
  2. Balanced Weave with precision roller chain
  3. Pintle chain with sideplates
  4. Angle flights
  5. Cradle belt
  6. Conventional weave
  7. Shot-blast belt


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