Continuous filter belts are one of our best-selling filtration products. Because of their functionality and versatility, continuous filter belts are serviceable in various projects.

However, it is better to have an insight into the product before buying it. Here is the detailed analysis of continuous filter belts and all the queries that might arise in your mind. 

What are continuous filter belts?

Continuous Filter Belt

Stainless Steel Continuous Filter Belt

The continuous filter belt screen, also known as ribbon filter screen, is a revolutionary innovation in plastic filtration. It is used with screen changers. The automatic belt filter system allows continuous and uninterrupted production and high filtering performance in cast film, blown film production, and another plastic filtering process.

We employ high-tech methods to fabricate the intricate reverse Dutch weave filter belts using high tensile stainless steel wires. As we employ high tensile wire and a reverse Dutch weave pattern, continuous filter belts are corrosion-resistant and perform effectively in very high temperatures and pressure.

Deze provides its customers high quality and premium quality filter belts. It helps them to build a reliable relationship with the customers.

How are continuous filter belts manufactured?

Deze has successfully developed the knowledge and understanding for the manufacturing of continuous filter belts and the process where they are being used. 

We create the most durable and suitable filtration solutions for plastic extrusion machines to accelerate production and profitability. The pressure sensor mechanism activates and pushes the fresh part of the filter belt onto the breaker plate, and the filtration continues.

Deze manufactures in wide ranges as per the customized specifications using the suitable metal wires and their gauges. It is a vital component serviceable for the uninterrupted, accurate, and effective production process. 

What are the specifications of continuous filter belts?

Deze has successfully developed the knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process of continuous filter belts. We are the most trusted brand to manufacture highly durable, customized, and economized filtration solutions for all types. Our products are widely honored and accepted by the end-users.

Some of the specifications of continuous filter belts are,


Deze provides continuous filter belts of stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.


The width of belts is Maximum is 0.5m. Moreover, the width we offer includes 10 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm, 19 cm, 21 cm, and other customized sizes. 


The standard length of continuous filter belts is 10 m. 

Mesh size 

The mesh size of belts varies from 48^10 to 260^40 at different nominal microns like 55-400.

Also, we customize the size according to the customer’s demand. Deze ensures that the products they provide are high and premium quality.

What are the advantages of continuous filter belts?

Continuous filter belts provided at Deze are highly efficient and reliable. These filter belts are made with many synthetic fabrics to suit the chemical conditions required by the customer. 

Some of the prime advantages of continuous filter belts are,

  • Continuous filter belts are acid, alkali, corrosion-resistant.
  • They work at high temperatures.
  • These filters require low maintenance.
  • Continuous filter belts have flexible production and can be used for long-term applications.
  • They are more effective in extruder screening and have better filtration performance.
  • They have a wide range of mesh sizes for different filtration requirements and grades.
  • These filters are suitable for various automatic screen changers.
  • Continuous filter belts are uninterrupted replacements for effective production.

What are the types of continuous filter belts?

Deze provides filter belts that are highly reliable and have high work performances. At Deze, we offer a rubber belt filter and horizontal filter belt that includes continuous filter belts. 

These filter belts are continuously operating, horizontal vacuum filters used for the reliable separation of quickly regimenting solids from suspensions. It is characterized by high throughput rates and a robust design. Filter surfaces of horizontal filter belts can be dimensioned up to 162 m² per filter.

The continuous filter belt fits inside an automatic screen changer machine. It allows uninterrupted production and high filtering performance.

Where can you use continuous filter belts?

They are serviceable for screening impurities out of molten plastic. Moreover, these continuous filter belts are helpful in the following industries,

  • The continuous belt screen is widely used in various screen changers to filter out impurities in the polymer extrusion process without interrupting the process.
  • It is mainly used for filtering cast film and blown film, compounding, resin production, nonwovens, and specialty materials.
  • These filter screens are widely used for plastic extrusion and melt-filtration in the plastic industry in belt-style continuous screen changers.

What sizes of continuous filter belts are there?

The size of continuous filter belts varies. Deze tries its best to manufacture all the dimensions required by clients in its extensive range of products. However, if you cannot find your required size, you can customize it. 

You can personalize the size of continuous filter belts based on their length and diameter.

What factors should you consider while buying continuous filter belts?

Continuous filter belts are a demanding purchase. It is why you need to be careful while buying this product. Look for the following factors while purchasing continuous filter belts.

  • Size of continuous filter belts
  • Configuration of continuous filter belts
  • Quality of manufacturing material
  • Reliability of the manufacturer
  • Your budget
  • Quality of continuous filter belts
  • Project requirements

Are continuous filter belts customizable? 

Yes, continuous filter belts are customizable. Diverse customers and industries need continuous filter belt, and the requirements of every client are different. To fulfill the requirements and preferences of numerous clients, Deze offers OEM services.

You can personalize different aspects of continuous filter belt. All you need to do is discuss your design with our experts or provide us with your product drawings. 

Bottom Line

Deze has been manufacturing filter elements for years. We have served numerous clients worldwide, and we are well aware of your requirements.

Now that you know all the necessary aspects of continuous filter belt, you can inspect our products on your own. Research through our extensive products, inquire about their quality, and decide what you want.

In case of any queries, you can contact our customer service.

Deze has been manufacturing filtration products for years. If you need any further assistance regarding our products or any product in general, you can contact our experts through customer service

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