copper edge filter disc

copper edge filter disc

Product Name: customize copper edge filter disc 

Edge material: stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy

Optional frame: edging, injection molding, edge rolling, weld edge

Filter layer material: stainless steel woven mesh, copper mesh, other materials, mesh, sintered mesh, punched mesh, steel stretched mesh, etc.

Diameter: 5-600 mm

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Deze produces and sells various copper edge filter disc:

We offer a variety of custom products for copper edge filter disc. Whether it is a larger size or a smaller size round mesh filter, it is within our supply range.

We can provide you with replacement parts and custom products for your equipment.

copper edge filter disc

pleated filter layers copper edge filter disc

copper edge filter disc with Thread

copper edge filter disc in bulk

small copper edge filter disc with Thread


  1. The edging is solid, no leakage, and achieves all-round filtration;
  2. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life;
  3. The filtering accuracy is accurate;
  4. No impurities fall off;

Application areas:

Hydraulic systems, filtration systems, water treatment, electronic and electrical filter components, chemical petroleum, biomedicine, environmental protection, machinery, aerospace and other fields.

Customize copper edge filter disc Order process sheet:Round mesh filter Order process sheet