Custom Metal Filters

Custom Metal Filters

Metal filters in some applications is to protect downstream components from particulate matter. In other cases, a metal filter can be used to separate, or screen one substance from another. DEZE WIRE can manufacture a custom metal filter designed for your exact specifications from wire cloth, perforated metal, or expanded metal. 

Advantages of metal filters:

Metal filters are excellent for use in applications that will include continuous exposure to liquid or moisture, or where paper filters do not offer sufficient rigidity or strength. In addition to outstanding durability, there are other inherent design benefits available with metallic filters. Metal filters can be fabricated by welding and crimping, eliminating the need for adhesives or epoxy bonding. Unlike paper filters, metallic filters can withstand temperature range in excess of 500 ° F. and can withstand extremely high differential pressures. Depending upon metals used, your filter can be designed as compatible with most caustic fluids. Stainless steel filters, for example, offer a high degree of resistance to corrosion in caustic environments. Best of all, metal filters are inherently cleanable and reusable. Reusable metal filters offer superior service life when compared to paper and cloth filters, and are commonly used in metal cutting, engine and compressor oil, and waste water applications.

The following are typical construction variations:

  • Pinched End Filters
  • Bag Fold Filters
  • Square Fold End Filters
  • Flush Bottom Filters – these filters could be fitted with a wire cloth bottom or solid metal end cap
  • Inverted Bottom Filters
  • Cone Shaped Filters
  • Truncated Cone Filters
  • Rectangular Filters
  • Pleated Filters
  • Cylindrical Filters
  • Metal Y Filters
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