Custom Metal Strainers

Custom Metal Strainers

The major difference between a metal filter and a metal strainer is particulate size to be removed from process media. Metal filters typically remove smaller particles than metal strainers. Metal strainers are manufactured from wire mesh, perforated metal, or expanded metal, and are often placed in-line with process piping to remove larger particulate matter and contaminants that may damage pumps, valves and other process equipment. Metal strainers can also be used to separate, or screen one substance from another. Typical applications include food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, hydraulic, and general industrial applications.

Metal Strainer Configuration Styles

Metal strainers come in wide range of configurations, including basket or simplex basket, duplex basket, in-line, tee type, and y-strainers. A simplex basket metal strainer is used when a temporary line shut down to clean or change baskets is practical. Duplex strainers eliminate the need to shut down the process line for cleaning; when one strainer basket becomes full and clogged, the flow is simply switched to the other side, allowing the line to run continually. In-line strainers, often utilized in sanitary applications, are typically positioned with the basket parallel to the line of fluid flow. Tee type metal strainers are similar to duplex strainers, allowing for quick basket replacement and ease of cleaning. Y-strainers are often used in process pipelines to protect pumps, meters, control valves, steam traps, and regulators.

The following are typical construction variations:

  • Pinched End Strainer
  • Bag Fold Strainer
  • Square Fold End Strainer
  • Flush Bottom Strainer – this strainer can be fitted with a wire cloth bottom or solid metal end cap
  • Inverted Bottom Strainer
  • Cone Shaped Strainer
  • Truncated Cone Strainer
  • Rectangular Strainer
  • Pleated Strainer
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