Filter Stampings

filter stampings


Our stamped parts range from simple flat discs to complex drawn formations and bound assemblies. Often we can supply stampings with little or no tool charge as we have a large inventory of standard tooling available.


A binding can be used to provide rigidity, fit precision with mating parts, and a smooth edge that prevents unraveling of the edges of a wire cloth or perforated metal screen.

Bindings can be stampings or machined parts (CNC or screw machine depending on the production volume).

Bindings can be crimped, welded, soldered, brazed, or adhesive bonded in place.

Non-filter Applications:

Simple or complex stamping designs for a wide variety of applications can be tooled quickly and economically to meet customer quality standards, scheduling and cost objectives.

Flanges and Bottoms:

Precision flanges and bottoms can be manufactured to your specifications. Tooling may be customer dedicated or you may choose stock dies at little or no additional cost.

Some of the stampings shown are incorporated into assemblies produced by DEZE Screen.


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