Filter wire cloth is a filter cloth made up of solid and heavy twisted wire. The prime purpose of filter wire cloth is to separate the solid contaminants from liquids without clogging or breaking.

Filter wire cloth is produced in numerous sizes, shapes, and designs. Also, it finds various uses in industries. The selection of the suitable filter wire cloth guarantees an excellent filtering effect.

At Deze, we have been manufacturing industrial gadgets for years. Moreover, we have vast experience in the production of filter wire cloth. We manufacture and deliver premium filter wire cloth to manufacturers all over the world.

Filter Wire Cloth

Discs of  Filter Wire Cloth

What Do We Have To Offer ?

At Deze, our focus is on customer satisfaction. We offer products that are according to your desires and needs. We make sure that the filter wire cloth is manufactured with expertise and dedication. At Deze, we offer filter wire cloth with the given specifications;

  • Filter wire clothfeatures precise geometrical structures, which makes it serviceable for diverse applications. 
  • Our filter wire clothalso includes wires in the Shute direction, as opposed to the warp direction, which makes it much easier to clean and enables us to weave it in a wide variety of patterns.

Categories of Filter wire cloth

The filter wire cloth is categorized as Plain, Twilled, and Dutch weave Filter wire cloth to achieve a full range of aperture and properties. At Deze, we manufacture various categories of filter wire cloth to satisfy our customer demands. 

Plain Weave Filter wire cloth

In Plain Weave filter wire cloth, the base wire that establishes the length of the wire mesh and the weft wire, parallel to the extent, crosses one another, amalgamating one on the top and one under. It results in the formation of a 90 ° angle between each other.

Twilled Weave Filter wire cloth

The wires of the weft and the base mongrel two above and two below, flipping the intersections of the base wire at an established distance, attaining a rigid, stable, and robust type of wire mesh fabric. The wire position of the twill weave wire mesh is less stable compared with the plain weave. 

Dutch weave Filter wire cloth

The Dutch weave filter wire cloth has two types, Dutch Plain Weave and Dutch Twilled Weave filter wire cloth.

1. Dutch Plain Weave

In Dutch plain weave filter wire cloth, the wire mesh filter cloth has a larger warp wire diameter than the weft wire. The weft and warp wire is weaved together, creating greater strength and filtering power than that of solid woven wire mesh cloth.

2. Dutch Twilled Weave

In Dutch Twilled filter wire cloth, wires of the weft and the warp intercross two above, with a larger weft wire than the warp. Dutch Weave filter wire cloth makes idea fine filtration materials in various industries.

Weave Type

Patterns of Weaving Filter Wire Cloth

Characteristics of Filter wire cloth


At Deze, we use and give our best to manufacture high-quality filter wire cloth. We use high-quality stainless steel for the manufacture of filter wire cloth. We ensure the premium choice of raw materials. 


Usually, we use a stainless steel woven mesh of 304, 304L, 316, 316L grades as filter media in weaving the patterns of Plain, Twilled, Dutch weave filter wire cloth to achieve a full range of aperture and properties


Out of the many advantages we have to offer, our reliability is significant. We use high-tech methods and high-quality raw materials to provide our customers with the best product. We develop a relationship of trust with our customers and ensure the secure delivery of your order worldwide.

Importance of Filter wire cloth

At Deze, we deliver filter wire cloth having the following significance,

  • A large pressing force (17-20MPa) can avoid leakage effectively.
  • Long service life and extended replacement durations
  • Factory-direct sale, fast delivery, and shipping, full service
  • Secure packaging 
  • Auto closing and auto opening

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a filter wire cloth?

Filter wire cloth is a solid fabric comprising a heavy twisted wire, which is much stronger than comparable square weave mesh. You can use a filter wire cloth to separate solid contaminants from liquids without being clogged or broken.

What is the size of the filter wire cloth?

The size of the filter wire cloth varies according to the size, shape, and design of the filter plate. Deze manufactures several size options for filter wire cloth. You can choose from the wide range of products available at Deze or personalize it according to your needs.

What are the advantages of filter wire cloth?

Filter wire cloth has a long service life, wide applications, and avoids leakage. Moreover, this cloth is available in different types; you can choose the wire cloth as per need.

What is filter wire cloth made up of?

At Deze, we manufacture filter wire cloth with high-quality raw materials. Usually, we use stainless steel. Also, we are skeptical about the choice of our raw materials, so we prefer using premium grades of stainless steel, such as SS304, SS316, etc.

What parameters should you consider while buying filter wire cloth?

You should consider the material, mesh type, size, quality, budget, and project requirements while buying the filter wire cloth.

Is filter wire cloth corrosion-resistant?

Yes, filter wire cloth is corrosion-resistant. It is because of the corrosion-resistant nature of its manufacturing material. Stainless steel forms a protective oxide layer to prevent filter wire cloth from rust. 

Is filter wire cloth customizable?

Yes, the filter wire cloth is customizable. At Deze, we can customize the size, length, diameter, and configuration of filter wire cloth based on your project requirements. 

Is filter wire cloth customizable?

Yes, filter wire cloth is our customizable product. You can take advantage of the OEM services of Deze to personalize filter wire cloth. The malleability of stainless steel allows us to mold this filter element into several configurations.

Which grades of stainless steel are used for the manufacture of filter wire cloth?

At Deze, we use premium grades of stainless steel, such as SS304, SS316, SS304L, and SS316L.

Deze has been manufacturing filtration products for years. If you need any further assistance regarding our products or any product in general, you can contact our experts through customer service

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