Heavy Wire Mesh

Heavy Wire Mesh

Heavy wire mesh is the mesh less than 12, wire diameter more than 0.5mm.

It with bigger opening and the wire with crimped. And “crimped wire mesh” meaning the mesh wire make crimp before weaving. Heavy duty mesh with thicker wire, it is hard to make woven if the wire without crimp. Crimped wire makes the mesh frim and not easy be broken under high-intensity use environment.

Heavy duty mesh filters: like: filter disc, filter tube, BBQ mesh, food dryer mesh, fence, mining screen, ect.

Heavy Wire Mesh materials: T-304 ss wire mesh, T-316 ss wire mesh. 

Other material can be OEM like:

  • Plain steel heavy mesh
  • 65Mn steel heavy mesh
  • Nickel Mesh
  • Titanium Mesh, etc.

Main Heavy Duty Mesh we can supply:

We have OEM service. If the following specification can’t meet your requirement. We have customized service which make the right mesh meet customers requirement: