Molybdenum Wire Mesh

Molybdenum Mesh Screen


Molybdenum wire mesh made by pure molybdenum or molybdenum yttrium

Surface of the Molybdenum wire mesh:

  • Bright pure molybdenum wire molybdenum content ≥ 99.95%;
  • Black pure molybdenum wire (graphite coating on the surface);
  • Molybdenum yttrium alloy MO99.6%; yttrium content 0.3%

Mesh hole shape: square

Melting point: 2610°C

Aperture: 0.02mm-23.7mm

Mesh Types: 0.3 mesh – 400 mesh

Width: 5mm-2000mm


Molybdenum mesh has excellent high temperature performance, so they can be used for soft magnetic sintering and supporting the use of molybdenum box.


Molybdenum Perforated Mesh

molybdenum perforated mesh

Molybdenum perforated mesh made by pure molybdenum.

Material grade: MO-1

Pure molybdenum content: ≥ 99.95%

Aperture range: 1mm-5mm

Finished mesh thickness: 0.1mm-1mm

Finished mesh width: 5mm-1000mm

The Molybdenum perforated mesh can be cut into round, square, oval. The width, plate thickness, and hole diameter can be adjusted according to actual requirements.

Molybdenum perforated mesh application:

Used in electron tube, transistor and rectifier electronic devices to produce reflective screens and cover plates in sapphire crystal growth furnaces, reflective screens in the vacuum furnace, heat-producing belts and connectors; sputtering targets for plasma coating, Soft magnetic sintered molybdenum boat processing box.

molybdenum wire mesh

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Molybdenum(UNS R03610) Chemical Composition

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