Nickel Hydraulic Filter

                                        —-High Strength, High Temperature Resistance, Acid & Alkali Resistance

 Nickel Hydraulic Filter

Nickel filter material: nickel N6, nickel content ≥ 99.5%

Composition: nickel wire woven mesh, pure nickel flange, nickel chassis, round hole nickel mesh

Filtration accuracy: 0.0335mm–0.5mm

Filter element: nickel mesh is 400 mesh nickel wire woven mesh, twill weave, filter unit is square filter hole

Support structure: nickel plate punching net, filter unit is round hole, opening area is 75%

Nickel mesh filter: According to the customer’s actual use environment and installation requirements, after the analysis of the filter media, the multi-filter layer welding design of pure nickel is adopted, the nickel mesh is the main filter component, and the nickel mesh is the support structure. It ensures the filtration precision to ensure the strength of the filter element and prevent the deformation of the nickel filter element during use. The support structure nickel round hole net can also protect the filter layer.

Application: Pressure filtration under high temperature and high acid and alkali environment, for example: chemical liquid filtration, chlor-alkali chemical filtration, nickel filter element has excellent corrosion resistance to alkaline solution.

  • Super strength, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance
  • Can be cleaned
  • Long life time
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