Nickel Mesh & Nickel Mesh Filter


Nickel mesh can be divided into weaving and stamping, nickel expanded Mesh, nickel perforated mesh, etc. according to the production method. The nickel-based mesh has properties such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance. We use different production methods to provide nickel-based raw materials, but we can also customize all kinds of nickel mesh filtration products according to the needs of customers.


The main weaving process of woven nickel mesh screen is Plain, Dutch, Twilled and Twilled Dutch weave. The main specification of plain weave is 1 mesh to 200 mesh. The weaving feature of the plain weave process is the same density of warp and weft threads per inch.

The main specifications of twill weave are 1 mesh to 220 mesh. The tension of twill weave is better than that of plain weave. The main specifications of Twilled weaving are 45 mesh-800 mesh, and the minimum filtering accuracy can reach 20um. This accuracy is plain weave nickel mesh and twill nickel weave mesh unable to achieve filtration accuracy.

In addition we can also produce nickel-based materials: nickel expanded Mesh, nickel perforated mesh, nickel stamping filters, Nickel Mesh Demister/Mist Eliminator, Nickel Sintered mesh filters, and other nickel filters, etc.

All nickel mesh products can be produced according to customer’s requirements.

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