Self Tracking Conveyor Belt

Self Tracking Conveyor Belt

Self Tracking Conveyor Belt is a very versatile type of belting.

This type of belting is used in a wide variety of industries, including food and pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics and polymers.

Process applications that can be accomplished include washing, draining, drying, curing, cooking and freezing.

Self Tracking Conveyor Belt Features:


the belt does not need any tracking or steering device as this is built into the design of the belt itself

No stretching

the longitudinal wires are made from pretensioned cables, therefore the stretching of the belt is reduced even under high tensioning

No wear

the more sensitive cable wires do not touch the rollers, they are safely located in the V-shaped sections of the solid cross wires.

High Flexibility

the flexibility of the cable in the running direction considerably improves the resistance to metal fatigue, even at high speed on small diameter pulleys.


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