Sintered Mesh

Sintered Mesh

DEZE Sintered disc can be made Non-Fraying Fused Meshes, One, Two, Three, or Five Layers, they are bonded by diffusion annealing. For satisfy stability and filtration needed, the mesh layers can also use perforated plates or metal fiber felt.

Sintered mesh can be used as filtration of polymers, chemicals, food,  hydraulic oils and fuels,  pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, water, and discharge. It is also used for fluidization of bulk materials in gravity conveyors, wagons, conveyors, storage silos, driers, bulk material,  and coolers.                                

Advantages of Sintered mesh:

* highly mechanically stable

* extremely high rating in mechanical stability

* having no displacements within the wire cloth construction

* high filtration capacity due to surface filtration

* resistant to corrosion, wear resistant, and operates in temperatures from -50°C to +550°C.

* the sintered mesh can be made as filter candles, circulars, discs, etc. as needed. 

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