stainless steel mesh filter bag

Stainless steel envelope mesh filter

Product Name: Stainless steel envelope mesh filter丨OEM filter bags丨DEZE

Filter bag material: stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, titanium and other material can be customized

Length of filter bags: Custom length

Diameter: 5-600 mm

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Deze can supply OEM Stainless steel envelope mesh filter :

We can supply customers with a variety of customized services for Stainless steel envelope mesh filter. Whether it’s material or form factor, we have strict standards for custom products.

We can provide you with replacement parts and custom products for your equipment.

the opening of Stainless steel envelope mesh filter

the mesh of Stainless steel envelope mesh filter

the side weld of Stainless steel envelope mesh filter

the bottom weld of Stainless steel envelope mesh filter


  1. Material use standard, strong corrosion resistance
  2. Filtering accuracy standards to meet different needs of customers
  3. The weld is firm and does not open.
  4. Can be customized according to customer needs

Application areas:

Hydraulic systems, filtration systems, water treatment, electronic and electrical filter components, chemical petroleum, biomedicine, environmental protection, machinery, aerospace and other fields.

Customize Stainless steel envelope mesh filter Order process sheet:

Round mesh filter Order process sheet