Titanium Expanded Mesh

Titanium Expanded Mesh


Material of Titanium Expanded Mesh: TA1, TA2 titanium content ≥ 99.6%

Thickness: 0.1mm-1.2mm

Hole shape: diamond hole

Aperture: 1mm*2mm, 2mm*4mm, 3.5mm*6mm, 4mm*8mm, 5mm*10mm, 10mm*20mm

other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

Surface treatment: coated with antimony oxide, platinum coating treatment.

Features of Titanium Expanded Mesh: Produced by mechanical processing, hole shape is rhombic hole, large hole opening rate, large surface area, high strength, due to the acid and alkali resistance of Titanium Expanded Mesh itself is often used to manufacture titanium filter, battery collecting network, oxygen cathode ion membrane Electrolytic cell titanium anode, electroplating anode mesh and so on.

Titanium Expanded Mesh can be used as titanium anode, titanium mesh anode.