Titanium Mesh Filter

Titanium filter

Material: TA1, TA2, GR1, GR2

Hole shape: rectangular, square,

The shape of the Titanium mesh filter can be Titanium mesh filter disc, Titanium mesh filter tube, Titanium mesh filter basket and other special shapes can be customized

Filtration accuracy: ≥0.2mm

Cartridge diameter: 100mm-3000mm

Application of Titanium filter: Titanium filter has strong anti-corrosion to seawater, and the design life of seawater filter barrel is 60 years. Titanium mesh chemical liquid filter sheet can withstand high temperature, high humidity, strong corrosion test.

Titanium mesh can be made of demister/mist eliminator, Titanium filter. Titanium mesh cartridge can be manufactured by us also.

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