Titanium Wedge Wire Filters—- Sea Water Self-Cleaning Filters

Titanium Wedge Wire Filters


More and more titanium-based filters are used in chemical solution filtration, pharmaceutical filtration, desalination and other fields. Titanium mesh filter has excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance, especially in seawater filter. The design life of titanium mesh filter is generally more than 30 years. The corrosion rate of titanium mesh in seawater is very small, often It is used to make a filter such as seawater filter with seawater as the filter medium.

Titanium wedge wire filters, also known as self-cleaning filters, are made up of “V” shaped wedge-shaped surface wires and support strips. They are characterized by smooth surface, no edges, no burrs, even gaps, etc. The optimal filter elements for automatic filters (such as automatic backwashing, blade self-cleaning, scraper self-cleaning, and suction-type self-cleaning filters) are widely used for fluid filtration in a variety of industries.

The material is made of stainless steel Titanium304, 316L, Hastelloy, nickel-based alloy, super duplex stainless steel, Monel alloy and other anti-corrosion and acid-proof metal materials. Of course, we can also customize according to customer requirements.

The metal filter (candle filter) using the wedge filter has the following advantages: full-closed automatic filtration can be realized, which can meet the food hygiene certification specifications; high filter strength, stable operation, stable product quality, good forming degree; long filter life, No loss, equipment running cost is very low; less residue after filtration, production yield is improved; online cleaning can be conveniently carried out according to needs, cleaning time is short, cleaning effect is good; equipment has no sanitary dead zone, system can be easily matched automatically Control without manual intervention. Our company has reached a consensus with world-class wire suppliers and has maintained a cooperative relationship. This will enable us to reach the international advanced level of wedge-shaped filter elements, and welcome all visits.

Titanium Wedge Wire Filter

The welded wire-wound screen (wedge filter) has excellent roundness and absolute clearance, the minimum gap is 15 microns, the negative tolerance is 5 microns, and the minimum diameter of the welded wire-wound screen is 25.4mm and the maximum is 1200mm. The length is 2300mm.

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