Before you opt for wind turbine filter element, go through this comprehensive guide. It will help you develop a better insight into our product.

What are wind turbine filter elements?


wind turbine filter elements

As the name suggests, wind turbine filter elements are used in wind turbines. But you might wonder, what is the role of these filter elements? We are to make it clear.

Wind turbines run with the help of gear and bearings. And the smooth functioning of these gears and bearings depends on an oil film. The oil should be free of any contaminant to ensure the efficient working of the gearbox and bearings. And here comes the need for wind turbine filter element

Wind turbine filter element keep the oil contaminant-free and help in the proper functioning of wind turbines. 

What are the main parts of wind turbine filter elements?

Wind turbine filters have numerous parts which help them to remove the contaminants from the oil. These are,

Auto-pull tabs

These tabs help in removing the wind turbine filter element. When replacing the wind turbine filter elements, this part assists you to complete the process effortlessly. 

O-ring seal

This seal is present on the boundary of the wind turbine filter element. It ensures that once the contaminants have entered the wind turbine filter elements, they don’t leave it.

Center steel tube

There is a steel tube present in the center of wind turbine filter elements. It is the innermost component of the wind turbine filter element and is usually made up of metal. 

It acts as a protective layer and strengthens the wind turbine filter element. It supports the filter from the inside and prevents it from collapsing.

Mesh layers

There are several mesh layers in wind turbine filter elements. These layers ensure the uniform flow of oil. 


The planets on the surface of wind turbine filter elements capture the contaminants. And ensure the oil, once passed through them, is free of any impurities. Deze manufactures wind turbine filter elements with a different number of pleats. You can select any of them based on the thickness of your oil.

What are the advantages of wind turbine filter element?

The prime advantage of wind turbine filters is already mentioned. It keeps the oil-free of contaminants. Besides, wind turbine filter elements also offer numerous other benefits. 

Oil Filtration

No need to say, wind turbine filter element help in oil filtration. It is the rudimentary function and advantage of these filter elements. Consequently, your wind turbine runs smoothly. 

When working on an industrial level, minor contamination of oil can result in a great loss. So, it is very necessary to ensure the purity of the oil. And with wind turbine filter elements, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. 

Enhance the working capacity of turbines

When talking about the maximization of energy generation, wind turbines need to be in constant operation. One of the significant hindrances in its operation is the breakdown of the gearbox and bearings. 

So, if you want to obtain the maximum energy from wind turbines, you have to ensure their smooth operation. And for this purpose, you can seek help from wind turbine filter elements. They remove all the contaminants and ensure the efficient working of wind turbines.

Prevent component failure 

Are you worried because the components of your wind turbine break down now and then? You might not be able to find the reason for that. However, it is very clear.

When the oil film of your wind turbine contains contaminants, it affects the components of the wind turbine. These impurities react with the metallic components and result in their decay or dysfunction.  

The only way to prevent premature component failure is to use wind turbine filter elements. They filter all the impurities and increase the lifespan of your wind turbine components. 


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Where can you use wind turbine filter element?

Wind turbine filter elements are versatile filter elements. They find applications in,

  • Maintenance of wind power gears
  • Filtration of oil
  • Efficient lubrication of gearbox return lines
  • In wind turbine brake lines
  • Onshore and offshore turbines

What sizes are there?

Wind turbine filter elements are variable in numerous sizes. Deze manufactures different sizes to fit the needs of diverse customers.

Still, if you cannot find your desired size, you can opt for our OEM services. We can prepare a custom-sized wind turbine filter element for you.

What factors should you consider while buying it?

Wind turbine filter elements are a demanding purchase. It is why you need to be careful while buying this product. Look for the following factors while buying wind turbine filter elements.

  • Size
  • Construction
  • Filtration degree
  • Fluid compatibility
  • Working temperature range
  • Working pressure range 
  • Quality of manufacturing material
  • Reliability of the manufacturer
  • Your budget
  • Project requirements

Are wind turbine filter element customizable? 

Yes, wind turbine filter elements are customizable. Diverse customers and industries need wind turbine filter elements, and the requirements of every client are different. To fulfill the requirements and preferences of numerous clients, Deze offers OEM services.

You can personalize the length, diameter, configuration, material type, filtration rating, and many other aspects of wind turbine filter element. All you need to do is discuss your design with our experts or provide us with your product drawings. 

Bottom Line

Wind turbine filter elements are being widely used in numerous industries because of their exceptional features. If you are buying wind turbine filter elements for your industry, you need proper guidance to purchase this industrial product.

This guide would have enlightened you about many aspects of wind turbine filter elements. Now you can inspect and compare the products of different manufacturers. Before buying wind turbine filter elements, make sure they are worth your money.

If you need any further assistance regarding the services of the products of Deze, you can contact our customer support.


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