titanium wire mesh

1 Introduction
Pure titanium wire is a pure titanium wire of a collectively, generally produced by the sponge titanium smelting titanium ingot, titanium ingot forging production of large diameter titanium rod, after a multi-channel die produced by a filamentous titanium material; industry Within the general diameter of more than 5.5mm is called titanium rod, the diameter of less than 5.5mm called titanium wire, diameter less than 1.0mm called fine titanium wire, the diameter of less than 0.1mm cost of ultra-fine titanium wire.

2. Titanium wire The most commonly used grades: TA0, TA1, TA2, GR1, GR2

3. shape
Pure titanium wire is made of titanium metal drawing, with the general metal common, such as conductive, shiny, ductility, the use of titanium ductility titanium wire can be round, trapezoid and other shapes. Round titanium wire is made of various woven titanium mesh, trapezoidal wire is used to melt and weld the sea water titanium filter.

4. Implementation of standards
GB / T 3623-2007