reverse dutch weave titanium mesh

Titanium mesh alias titanium wire weaving type mesh, titanium Dutch cloth, using pure titanium wire weaving.

The main material is TA1 / TA2 / GR1 / GR2, weaving is characterized by different diameter of the warp and weft, latitude and longitude different is the density of different. Thickness of titanium mesh filter by the meridian and weft angle within the tang round to achieve.

As the titanium wire making process is difficult, the wire diamater smaller the price will higher, the current domestic mature and stable quality titanium wire diameter of 0.1mm, plain weave titanium mesh by the diameter of titanium wire, filtration accuracy is difficult to reach 154 microns below.

Due to the different filtering methods, the same filtration accuracy, relative to plain weave titanium mesh, dense titanium mesh can use a larger diameter titanium wire weaving in order to achieve higher filtration accuracy, and the thickness of the larger, longer service life.