Steel mills

We are suppling Steel mills use Stainless steel filter, the use of the Stainless steel filter:

  • Pulverizer Lubricant station filter
  • Air blower lubrication station,
  • Hydraulic station,
  • Oil station filter
  • Blower
  • Oil tank filter
  • A fan filter
  • A fan
  • Oil tank filter
  • Induction Fan Filter Boiler
  • Lead air pump oil filter

product description

Deze filteration is the design and production of filtration devices, purification equipment, oil and water separator and a variety of precision filter of the specialized manufacturers.

The main of our products are: dust filter, hydraulic oil filter. The company currently produces all kinds of filters and equipment has been widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, steel mills, hospitals, electronic semiconductors and other fields, welcomed by users

Steel cold rolling system oil filter hydraulic support backwashing pilot filter fan room suction station filter coal mine pump backwash filter coking plant hydraulic system filter.

Hydraulic support backlash filter use parts: slab heating furnace hydraulic station, roughing phosphorus removal system, slab set wide side hydraulic press station, coarse bar rolling mill hydraulic station, cutting head flying shear hydraulic station, System finishing mill before the vertical rolling mill hydraulic station, finishing mill hydraulic station, thin oil station, crimping machine hydraulic station rolling mill cooling system