Titanium Mesh Filter

Titanium mesh & filters

It is one of the best substitutes for stainless steel, aluminum mesh & filters.

Titanium mesh & filters are mainly used for screening and filtration under acid and alkaline environmental conditions or for gas, liquid filtration and other media separation. Titanium mesh & filters can be applied to high temperature filter, shipbuilding, military manufacturing, precision chemical filter, electrode mesh, titanium battery collector network, electromagnetic shielding net, seawater desalination filter and other industries.

In the environment of corrosion-resistant medium, high-purity titanium mesh forms a dense, strong adhesion and inert oxide film on the surface, which produces a passivation phenomenon, which protects the titanium mesh substrate from corrosion and thus resists strong corrosion. Especially in the following environments, such as: seawater, wet chlorine, chlorite and hypochlorite solution, nitric acid, metal chromate chloride and organic salts (for example: 60% nitric acid) The corrosion rate of pure titanium mesh in nitric acid solution is only 0.001 mm.a-1). Titanium mesh replaces traditional applicable materials with excellent corrosion resistance, such as nickel-free stainless steel mesh, aluminum mesh and other metal materials. Pure titanium mesh has long service life and safe and reliable operation.


Titanium mesh & filters can be divided into black and bright according to the surface of raw materials. Black titanium mesh is made of pure titanium wire with graphite coating on the surface. It is suitable for ship filtration and manufacturing of seawater filter titanium mesh. Bright titanium mesh is made of After the graphite coating is removed, the pure titanium wire is woven, which is suitable for the manufacture of electrode nets, titanium battery collecting nets, and fine chemical liquid filtering titanium nets.

Basic Information:

Material: T1, TA2, GR2, GR3, R50250

Material surface: 1. Black (the surface contains graphite emulsion coating) 2. Bright (no graphite coating)

Number of mesh: 0.2 mesh – 100 mesh

Features: stable filtration performance, fineness, etc.

Titanium Mesh


Titanium mesh is mainly used for screening and filtration under acid and alkali environmental conditions or gas, liquid filtration and other media separation. We can now supply woven mesh with titanium as raw material, knitted mesh, demister, filter:

1) Titanium wire woven mesh:

Titanium wire Mesh

There are three methods of plain weave, twill weave, and dense weave. Due to the difficulty in drawing titanium wire, the most delicate titanium wire drawn in China can achieve 0.05mm, the elongation of titanium wire is low, the strength is large, the elasticity is large, and the flexibility is low. This greatly limits the production of high mesh titanium mesh. The size of the titanium mesh is 1 mesh – 400 mesh.

Plain titanium mesh
It is the most common weaving method, and its main feature is the same density of warp and weft wire diameters.

Twill titanium mesh
The titanium wire used for the twill titanium mesh is thicker than the general plain weave, and the mesh strength of the weave is also larger. It is suitable for petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, aerospace and other industries, and has good acid, alkali and resistance resistance. High temperature, strong tensile strength and strong wear resistance.

Titanium dense mesh
The dense titanium mesh has the same filtering precision as the plain square titanium mesh, the former has a larger wire diameter than the latter, the thickness is correspondingly high, and the strength is high and the service life is longer. The disadvantage is that the dense titanium mesh has a large unit area and high cost, but the use time is long and the use cost is low, and it is free from frequent replacement and easy to maintain.

2) Titanium defoaming net:

Titanium wire Mesh

Standard: HG/T21618-1998

Net tube flat diameter: 4mm – 1200mm

Processing technology: flat, corrugated.

3) Titanium demister – titanium mesh demister:

Titanium Demister Mist Eliminator

Demister wire diameter: 0.23mm/0.25mm

Grille material: TA1 pure titanium slats

Executive standard: HG/T21618-1998

The main components are mainly composed of a titanium wire mesh block, a titanium plate grid composed of a wire mesh block and a supporting device for fixing the wire mesh block, and the wire mesh demister can not only filter out the larger liquid foam suspended in the air flow, but also It can filter out small and small liquid foam and is widely used in gas-liquid separation devices in chemical, petroleum, tower manufacturing, pressure vessel and other industries. Titanium mesh defogger has good acid and alkali resistance and is emulsified than stainless steel wire mesh. The application range is wide, adaptable, and used longer.

Titanium mesh demister use: titanium mesh demister is mainly used for gas-liquid separation; it can also be used for gas separation and acid gas separation. The demister (demister) is used to separate the droplets entrained in the gas in the tower to ensure mass transfer efficiency, reduce valuable material loss and improve the operation of the post-column compressor. Generally, a screen is installed at the top of the tower. Bubble device. It can effectively remove 3–5um droplets. If a demister is installed between the trays, it can not only ensure the mass transfer efficiency of the tray, but also reduce the board spacing.

4) Titanium mesh filter:

Titanium Mesh Tubing



Seawater filtration wedge wire filters
Seawater filtration titanium hydraulic filter
Titanium cylinder filter

5) Titanium mesh filter disc

Titanium mesh filter disc

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