tungsten mesh

Tungsten mesh is made of tungsten wire with purity over 99.9%. Tungsten mesh has very high tensile strength. It has the highest melting point of all metals even at high temperature over 1650ºC.

Among its properties are a melting point of 3410ºC, a low coefficient of thermal expansion and low vapor pressure at elevated temperatures, along with good electrical and thermal conductivity.

Tungsten mesh weave Pattern: plain weave, twill weave.

tungsten mesh

Features of Tungsten Mesh:

1.Tungsten is a very hard, dense, silvery-white, lustrous metal that tarnishes in air, forming a protective oxide coating. In powder form tungsten is gray in color.
2.Tungsten is highly resistant to corrosion. It forms tungstic acid (H2WO4), or wolframic acid from the hydrated oxide (WO3) and its salts are called tungstates, or wolframates.
3.Tungsten is one of the five major refractory metals (metals with very high resistance to heat and wear). The other refractory metals are molybdenum, tantalum, rhenium and niobium.