Pure Titanium Wire

Pure titanium wire can be divided into bright titanium wire, black titanium wire, white titanium wire.

Bright titanium wire produced by drawing die, the surface is bright with metallic luster, no impurities on the surface, due to difficult processing difficulties Low-gloss titanium wire prices are usually more expensive.

As the titanium processing hardening quickly and easily sticking drawing die, in the surface coating brushed graphite milk to play the role of lubrication, after annealing without other treatment, the surface of the color of the drawing of graphite – black, known as black titanium wire, titanium wire The surface of the drawing of graphite milk is extended through the mold extension, the combination of the two very close in the chemical and seawater applications, graphite milk can play a role in protecting the titanium substrate, greatly extending the life of titanium wire.

White titanium wire is black titanium wire after pickling after the production, used to remove black titanium wire surface impurities, to prevent impurities pollution solution. In the production process, titanium wire will absorb a lot of hydrogen, we know that titanium in the hydrogen can not play its role in strengthening, but the trace of hydrogen will also have a serious impact on the structure of titanium wire is known as hydrogen embrittlement, titanium wire has Strong corrosion resistance, by the pickling process and materials, resulting in a sharp decline in the mechanical properties of titanium wire for the recovery of titanium wire due to acid loss and elongation and tensile strength must be vacuum annealing.