pure titanium wire MESH

Pure titanium wire can be divided into titanium wire, industrial pure titanium wire, hanging with pure titanium wire, medical pure titanium wire.

Titanium wire is the welding reactor titanium, storage of acidic substances or alkaline substances titanium cans, titanium equipment, the use of special wire.

Titanium wire use Note:

  1. construction workers and welders should wear clean white gauze gloves (non-wear cotton thread gloves).
  2. the treatment of the welding area is strictly prohibited by hand touch and contact with iron items.
  3. welding work as far as possible in the interior, the ambient wind speed should be ≤ 0.5m / s, to avoid the impact by the wind.
  4. welding should be used as short as possible arc welding, the use of small welding heat input, nozzle and weldment to maintain the angle of 70 to 80 degrees.
  5. on the joint positioning welding, the docking gap is generally about 0.5mm.
  6. each weld should be a welding as much as possible, must be welded to the weld, the interface should be cleaned before welding, welding lap length of 10 ~ 15mm.
  7. welding, the torch should not swing around, wire melting end shall not be removed from the gas protection zone.
  8. welding arc should be in advance to send gas, arc can not immediately lift the torch, should be delayed gas supply, until the temperature dropped to 250 ℃ below.
  9. the gas protection drag and the torch of the distance should be the shortest better, and the wall contact with the gap to seek the smallest. For pipe butt welding, in order to achieve single-sided welding double-sided forming requirements, welding in two parts: one for the back cover welding (cover welding can be no filler material), and the other for the forming welding. Multi-layer welding, you must wait for the previous bead completely cooled, and then welding the next bead.

Industrial pure titanium wire is made of titanium wire braid, titanium electrode, heating body of raw materials, with 0.1mm-5.5mm titanium wire braided titanium mesh is used to filter chemical liquid, filtration accuracy of 50μm to 50mm. The titanium oxide is made by using titanium oxide, which is made of pure titanium wire.

The anode of the ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer is used to produce the strong sodium oxide in the chlor-alkali industry. The pure titanium wire is also used to make the temperature control wire of the electronic cigarette.