titanium mesh

The chemical properties of the titanium mesh are determined by the titanium substrate of titanium wire, and the corrosion resistance of seawater is very good. The desalination project of seawater desalination is continuously immersed in seawater for 5 years, and the surface of the surface is still bright New, showing excellent durability.

In the chemical filtration industry, the corrosion resistance of titanium mesh plays an important role in the acid and alkaline solution filtration in the life of titanium mesh is significantly higher than the stainless steel filter, to avoid frequent maintenance, improve work efficiency.

In the chlor-alkali industry, the dense titanium mesh is mainly used to make the ion-exchange membrane anode, the electrolytic cell is electrolyzed pure brine to produce caustic soda, the solution contains a lot of chloride ions, corrosive strong, anode mesh is usually coated with ruthenium oxide Of the titanium mesh and rhombic titanium mesh plate.